YWW and CFUW Mentorship Program

The Canadian Federation of University Women is proud to launch the Young Women’s Online Network Mentorship Initiative. This program emerged out of a desire to empower the next generation of young women with the knowledge, tools and resources to thrive in the workforce.  
Studies have shown that many women, despite their confidence or desire to advance, remain at their current level or move to another organization because they feel excluded from informal networks, do not have access to mentorship/role models, and do not have sponsors in upper management to help guide them and open doors.

YWW believes that mentorship is one of the most important steps to help young women identify their full potential and achieve their vocational goals.

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Over 8,000 women acoss the country

The Canadian Federation of University Women, with a membership network of over 8000 women across the country, is especially well positioned to connect with young women who are beginning their careers. All mentors are CFUW members from diverse industries, occupations and professions, who are driven, and passionate about sharing their knowledge, expertise and advice to help you thrive. With a diverse array of mentors, prepare to learn from experienced professionals and create a roadmap for your success! 

Benefits of being mentored

  • Promotes purposeful professional relationships, sense of community and collective belonging.
  • Increase self-confidence as you becomes familiar with a new role, increased responsibilities, or entering/changing fields.
  • Challenges you to go further, take risks, set new goals, and achieve at higher personal and/or professional standards.
  • Provides a forum to discuss professional issues, and to seek and receive advice from experienced professionals.
  • Facilitates the development of increased competencies.

How it works

The Mentorship Initiative is a virtual, 6-month program that connects women across disciplines, industries, and occupations in Canada. With access to 1-1 mentoring, mentoring circles, webinars, networking events, and workshops, participants will have the support to achieve their goals and develop their professional toolkit.

Become a Mentee

Become a mentee and get started today! Let us know a little bit about what you are hoping to accomplish with this program, your goals and desired partnership, and we will pass this along to your selected mentor when the time is right.

Choose your Mentor

Once you join as a mentee, you will have full access to our Mentorship site where you will be able to view the entire list of available mentors. You will be carefully matched with a mentor that best fits your needs, goals and objectives!

Charting Progress

Successful mentoring relationships take many different forms, and each mentoring pair will meet once per month (at minimum). This program is designed for mentee’s to take the lead and chart their own path, creating a uniquely individual experience. Mentoring sessions may include goals and plans for the future, strategies for networking and developing new relationships, tips on how to balance competing workplace and life demands, steps to developing leadership skills and more!


We want to see this partnership be beneficial for both sides! We will do regular check-ins, which will help determine participants experience in the program and gauge areas for improvement. If there are any issues, we are available to help resolve the concerns, or find a partnership that may be more rewarding for both parties.

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Meet the Mentors

Soon to be announced

YWW mentors are CFUW members who have worked in a variety of fields including STEM, politics, education,  medicine, etc. They  are passionate about advocating for women’s empowerment and committed to sharing their expertise and experiences in order to invest in a new generation of female leaders.

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    CFUW will connect mentor and mentee in similar fields of interest and facilitate the first contact.  In dialogue, mentor/mentee teams will mutually agree to a time commitment and determine areas of focus.  The level of engagement in the process is self directed, yet responsive to the needs of the mentee.

    “As a result of the mentorship program I have seen definite growth and development in the areas that I set my goals, the program and the pace were perfect.”

    Allison Doe, Bibendum Malesuada Inc