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Economic Well-being

Women's economic well-being has many contributing factors, principally current income. However, income alone may not provide a full picture of women's current and future economic well-being.

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First Nations, Métis and Inuit Women

Aboriginal women share many of the same challenges and concerns as other women in Canada. However, demographically, culturally and socioeconomically, Aboriginal women are also a unique population. There is also much diversity within the Aboriginal population. Broadly speaking, Aboriginal people can be considered as three distinct groups: First Nations (North American Indian), Métis and Inuit. [...]

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Paid Work

In 2009, 58.3% of women, representing 8.1 million women, were employed. This is more than double the number of women employed in 1976. Additionally, women's labour market experiences today differ vastly from 1976. Using the Labour Force Survey, this chapter of Women in Canada will examine the labour market experiences of women over time and [...]

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Calculating the Pay Gap

This measure captures all women’s and men’s earnings, including contract and part-time work–a crucial variable as about two-thirds of part-time workers are women. According to Statistics Canada Survey Labour Income Dynamics (SLID)* data from 2011, the last year for which this data was available, Ontario had a 31.5% gap. Recently, Statistics Canada Canadian Income Survey** [...]

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