About Young Working Women

Building Skills while Breaking Barriers

Who We Are:

Young Working Women is an initiative of the Canadian Federation of University Women that focuses on young women entering the workforce. YWW is continuing the work that CFUW has been invested in for the past 100 years by creating a membership program that addresses the needs of younger women, and the challenges they face when embarking on their careers. This idea was born out of an urgency to acknowledge, and in turn, dismantle the continuing issues that women face in the workforce, and the need to look at these concerns from an intersectional lens in order to break the many systemic barriers placed on women, in all their diversities, within society.


We believe that education, community and an increase in opportunities for women in all aspects, not just the workforce, is vital in creating a more peaceful, prosperous, and just society. While these are important first steps for young women to engage with these issues, the problems are often structural, and represent a long history of biased systems, entrenched cultural attitudes towards gender norms, and a failure of policies to effectively alleviate gender discrimination. Our hope is to educate women on the systemic barriers they face, and work collectively to advocate for change.
When women are given access to education, opportunities to be in positions of leadership, and the ability to live life without threats to their safety and well-being, positive advancements for all occur. We believe the empowerment of women is essential to dismantling the structural and societal issues that hinder our development as a community, both locally, and globally.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to create a community in which women are able to share their experiences, educate one another, and use their voices, in order to improve the status of women in Canada. YWW would provide an online network for young women across Canada who are starting their careers in various sectors of work. Through education, training, peer support, and mentorship, YWW will address issues of gender inequality in the workplace by equipping a younger generation of women with the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome barriers, while also creating a community and safe space to share their stories and learn from one another. YWW will work with educators and panelists who speak through an intersectional lens with attention to the various ways in which these issues affect all women uniquely, including women of colour, Indigenous women, women with disabilities, women from religious minorities, migrant women, and gender non-conforming folk.


For over 100 years, the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) has been working to improve the status of women and to promote human rights, public education, social justice, and peace. It has seen generations of women join the organization to improve their lives and those of their community. There is an impressive legacy of CFUW working to reduce barriers for women in post-secondary education. This generation of women are the most educated ever, and it is thanks in large part to the women who fought for this access. Yet, once women graduate and enter the workforce they still confront a significant range of challenges. CFUW is looking to address the challenges that young women are facing in the workplace, and in doing so, equip this generation to overcome barriers and advocate for a just society for generations to come.


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