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Our Mission

Our goal is to empower women to overcome barriers of gender inequality and flourish in their careers through education, training, and peer support. Using online workshops and community networks, we are creating a space for young women across Canada to learn through an intersectional lens about the issues facing one another, become equipped to address gender inequity in their lives, and advocate for positive social change.


YWW connects its members with participating CFUW members from across Canada who have a variety of experience and expertise and who are actively involved in promoting women’s empowerment in their own lives. Members are matched based on their fields of study or work and are able to create a flexible schedule of phone calls, Skype sessions, or in person meetings that suit them best.


Issues of gender inequality in the workplace are widespread and multifaceted. Learning from experts, mentors, and peers, YWW members explore topics such as the latest research on implicit hiring bias or the realities of the wage gap, and gain insight into how these issues affect people differently depending on a multitude of factors in addition to gender including ethnicity, socio-economic status, ability, age, sexual orientation, etc.

Skill Development

YWW is committed to equipping its members with the practical tools and the confidence they need to overcome obstacles in the workplace. Through a series of webinars, members will learn skills such as resume building and salary negotiation, addressing sexual harassment in the workplace including how to file complaints and receive support, and how to grow and thrive in positions of leadership.


YWW is a platform for young women from across the country to learn with one another and from one another in a safe and supportive space. Through discussion forums, interactive webinars, and community blogs, members are able to share and validate their own experiences, offer advice and encouragement to one another, and engage with a diversity of perspectives in order develop creative solutions to the challenges women face at work and in society.


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